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Esto es lo que el famoso diario neerlandés NRC tiene que decir acerca de

Here’s what the renowned Dutch daily paper NRC has to say about the AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND:”This group has very little to offer to ‘Klezmer-purists’ since Klezmer was never meant to be polished and perfected for concert halls.
With their festive approach they take the music out of the conservatory corridors into the street.” It is 2008 and the AKB has been blessed with many enthusiastic fans both in the Netherlands and abroad. Other bands are covering AKB songs and remixes of their tracks are found worldwide. Over the past few years they have performed at many prestigious venues around the world, including the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and at important festivals such as North Sea Jazz, Ashkenaz, Sziget and Lowlands. The Amsterdam Klezmer bug is spreading...


Hence the title of AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND’s latest release ZARAZA. In Slavic languages zaraza means infectious or contagious, in Polish it is the word for epidemic. Zaraza is indeed an infectious album from an extremely virulent and passionate band. The album contains 15 brand new tracks, all original compositions rooted in the Klezmer tradition and infused with Romanian, Turkish, Serbian, Russian and Macedonian sounds. With Zaraza the band has achieved the optimal CD recording of their unique sound and qualities. The AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND is showcased in its purest form, with virtuoso and provocative performances by the musicians. On Zaraza the musical fire so characteristic of the AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND is stoked to an even greater heat. "Not only do the horns play the signature Klezmer parts like they could do it in their sleep, but also the cool sounds of Dutch hip-hop. Could this be the future sound of Klezmer?"

The AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND story began in 1996. A few Amsterdam boys with Jewish backgrounds became inspired by the catchy sounds of Klezmer music and started busking. Since that time the band has evolved into a seven-member formation which is now the Klezmer and Balkan music pride of the Netherlands. Their lengthy time on the road and extensive experience are now paying off spectacularly. The band just keeps getting better and better and has again reached a new level with Zaraza.

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