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by Roger Teeling

James brown was the hardest man in showbusiness, once. This title should be rewarded to somebody else by now. But to who? I plea for the members of the AKB.

Sure,their last release Limonchiki is already four years ago. Since then a lot of projects have been taking place amongst band names like Herb spectacles, Bernie’s Lounge, Bhedam en de Jongens Driest.Other groups the akb members play in. And than there’s the tour schedule, which fits more days than a year counts at least for normal people. And then there’s the fact that these gigs make the crowd move, including the roof that usually flies off. Just because of that.

Is there anything negative to be said? One could accuse the band of lack of progress. This might seem to be true, but it is not, because the band is virtuoso now in playing and mixing genres. (klezmer and traditional eastern European Music) Could we have some more songs with comical Amsterdam-style singing and rapping? On the other hand there are thrilling songs in Russian now. Also the argument that no Studio recording could ever come close to the live work has become useless from now on. Maybe they beat up their women? Ok, could be.
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